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State & Local Taxes

A state sales tax is levied at the rate of 6% on the sale, rental or lease price of taxable goods and the sale of certain services. Local sales taxes are not levied in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Constitution requires the state to tax all classes of taxable property, and state statutes allow local jurisdictions to tax only a few classes. All locally taxed property is subject to county taxes and school district taxes (either a county school district or an independent school district). Property located inside city limits may also be subject to city property taxes. Property assessments in Kentucky are at 100% fair cash value. Special local taxing jurisdictions (fire protection districts, watershed districts and sanitation districts) levy taxes within their operating areas (usually a small portion of the community or county).

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State Property Tax Rates Per $100 Valuation, 2013 from thinkkentucky.com

Selected Class of PropertyState RateLocal Taxation
Real Estate$0.1220Yes
Manufacturing Machinery$0.1500No
Pollution Control Equipment$0.1500No
Raw Materials$0.0500No
Goods in Process$0.0500No
Finished Goods$0.0500Yes
Motor Vehicles$0.4500Yes
Other Tangible Personal Property$0.4500Yes
Source: Kentucky Department of Revenue.

Local Property Tax Rates Per $100 Valuation, 2013 from thinkkentucky.com

Taxing JurisdictionReal EstateTangiblesMotor Vehicles
Cave City$0.1560$0.1560$0.1787
School District
Barren County Schools$0.6150$0.6150$0.4920
Caverna Independent Schools$0.6940$0.6940$0.6270
Glasgow Independent Schools$0.8120$0.8120$0.5540
Source: Kentucky Revenue Cabinet.

Local Occupational License Taxes, 2014 from thinkkentucky.com

Cities, counties and school districts may levy an occupational license tax on the net profits of businesses and/or on the salaries and wages of employees earned in the jurisdiction. Rates can vary between the two types of occupational license taxes. Occupational license taxes may be levied on businesses as either a flat rate schedule or as a percentage of apportioned net profits or gross receipts. Where both the city and county levy an occupational license tax, a credit may be given, at the option of the local governments, for the amount paid to the city against the occupational license tax of the county. (Consult local jurisdictions for further details.)

 Barren CountyLabor Market Area
Taxing JurisdictionTax Rate on
Tax Rate on
Net Profits/Receipts
BarrenNo TaxNo Tax
Cave City2.00%1.00% (on net profits)
School District
Barren County SchoolsNo TaxNo Tax
Caverna Independent SchoolsNo TaxNo Tax
Glasgow Independent SchoolsNo TaxNo Tax
Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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