This’s a thought experiment, a question out of the blue for intellectual thinkers, simply no alternative goal need to be inferred. The question that garners this kind of name is a legitimate one, and although at first glance, many military professionals, citizens and also the political leaders of ours would say; Hell No! And, which would be their last answer, but is it the very best remedy? Let’s discuss various reasons this question is not so crazy after all and exactly why a paradigm shift inside the thought process surrounding such a question might be a bit flawed.

Below are 4 reasons sharing innovative weapons technological innovation of this type with other nations’ militaries, equally adversaries and also allies is actually a very good idea:

1.) If our foes are all using smart munitions there will be less collateral damage, fewer innocent lives snuffed out for no explanation.
2.) Less loss of essential infrastructure which generally should be repaired after the conflict is over to bring stability back to the area that had been previously considered in military terms; the battlespace.
3.) It keeps other enemies, rogue nations, or terrorist organizations from turning to WMD – chemical, biological or nuclear weapons when not required.
4.) It allows nation-states to achieve their political and military objectives without wasting vast amounts of funds and resources on ominously expensive military hardware – $100+ Million Fighter Planes, Aircraft Carriers in excess of countless enormous amounts of dollars.

reputacion digital know exactly why this isn’t a good idea, and seldom need to also say such reasons, but let’s do it anyway.

1.) Rogue nations might utilize this technology to concentrate on our leadership, crucial figures or military leaders in our government.
2.) These systems may possibly give way to other ground breaking improvements along the same lines of thinking as well as foes would leverage this technology which they presently do not possess to produce far more ominous weaponry.
3.) Why bother helping your enemy who may possibly put it to use against the friends of yours.
4.) The allies of ours are going to buy these weapon systems from our defense contractors as they cannot produce it themselves, therefore, return funds to replace trade deficits we’ve, as export such products to them.

Do the positives of future wars with a lot fewer casualties, fewer loss of human life replace virtually any negatives associated with giving away these trade secrets? Additionally, since we can’t keep a secret who is saying rogue nations, enemies or perhaps actually quasi-allies have not already stolen these innovation secrets and intellectual property from us through computer cyber tactics already – or will not in the near future anyway?

Effectively, that is all for now, happy to make you think yet again.

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